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Excalibur serves two communities: those who participate in Excalibur’s support group and those who do not.  Because of the reputation of Excalibur’s support group, most families join in order to participate.  Others live at such a distance that they cannot or already have a strong support group in their local area.

Experience has shown that the best policy to pursue is to require all members living within a 25-mile radius of Excalibur to be members of the support group while making the option available to those outside.  Excalibur does reserve the right to make exceptions when it is in the best interest of the family and the school.

Three different memberships are available: Full, Limited, and Associate.

Full Membership

Legal covering. This Membership includes 95% of all Excalibur families. Like the Limited Membership to be described next, Full Membership provides families the legal covering required by Alabama Law to pursue the alternative known as homeschooling and provides for transcripts, diploma, and a graduation ceremony.

Furthermore, Full Membership includes membership in Excalibur’s ever-expanding support group.  Sometimes known as Campus-Based Membership, it offers all the benefits of activities, field trips, coops, classes, and many other opportunities within the context of a loving network of homeschooling families.

Limited Membership

Legal covering. This membership is reserved for those who live beyond the reach of the campus hub and cannot easily participate in support group activities. In some cases this may also include students who transfer into our online curriculum at the middle school or high school level and have an already established support group.  This membership is, therefore, sometimes known as Virtual Campus Membership because the relationship to Excalibur is primarily online.

Associate Membership

No legal covering at all. This membership includes less than 1% of all members and is available to those families who have an active membership in another “cover” school but wish to participate in Excalibur support group activities; for example, H.S. classes, coops, or field trips.


Your responsibility

Admission to Excalibur Christian School is dependent upon agreement and compliance with all policies. Some apply only to support group activities, for example, “Field Trips” and “Conduct”.  Some do not apply to Associate Members for whom Excalibur is providing no legal cover.

Two documents must be signed in our presence or in the presence of a Notary Public.  One of these documents will differ depending upon the Membership type.

1. Agreement document: choice of Full, Associate, Limited.

2. Parental Compliance document: required of Full and Limited only. This document insures that all custodial parents are in agreement. This is found under the “legal” sub menu. 

Since these forms must be signed in our presence or in the presence of a Notary Public, we will normally provide them when you come to your appointment. Please do not print them out and sign them without specific directions to do so from Excalibur.


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